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Upgrade to Microsoft's Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 at a £60 discount

£99.99 is the lowest price we've ever seen for this model.

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Microsoft's phenomenal Elite Series 2 controller is down to £100 after a £60 discount at Amazon UK. That's a great price for, in my opinion, one of the very best gamepads for PC and Xbox - and well worth picking up for the holidays.

If you want just the core controller without its accessory bag (purchaseable separately), you can get the controller for even less - £78!

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 is an upgraded version of the Xbox controller that debuted with the Xbox Series consoles, and features Xbox Wireless, Bluetooth and USB-C connectivity so it can connect to phones, tablets and laptops in addition to PCs and Xbox One or Series consoles. The controller comes in a nifty hard case with a bunch of replacement sticks, back paddles, a charging dock and a USB-C cable.

The reason I like this controller is because it feels great in the hand, with extra grips and a dense, robust-feeling design. The sticks, d-pad, face buttons and triggers are all of good quality, with plenty of tactile feedback, and if you flip the controller over you can change the triggers from clicky hair triggers to full-throw analogue inputs or something in between.

On the back you'll also find four paddles, which can be individually added or removed as you prefer, and can be bound to any of the controller's buttons - I find this particularly helpful for binding face buttons so I can use them while holding the right stick, for example. Everything is set up in the Xbox Accessories app, which is avilable on PC and Xbox consoles alike.

Overall, a fantastic pickup that I've returned to again and again, and well worth considering at this reduced price point!

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