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Upgrade to a 4K 144Hz gaming monitor for less: $360 in the US or £399 in the UK

The MSI MAG274UPF comes highly recommended at $90 or £150 off.

msi MAG 274UPF gaming monitor
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4K 144Hz gaming monitors continue to drop in price, with the very cheapest being this incredible MSI MAG274UPF at Best Buy in the US. It costs just $360 right now after a $90 discount, an extremely low price given the high-spec monitor that you get in return.

Meanwhile, in the UK the MSI is also the cheapest 4K 144Hz option from a mainstream brand (though AWD-IT's X= XRGB27UHD is cheaper at £350), so I've linked that below as well at a price point of £399 (was £549).

This particular MSI model is built around a Fast IPS screen, which provides 1ms GtG response times, a modest DisplayHDR 400 certification, FreeSync and G-Sync Compatible support plus HDMI 2.1 ports for use with game consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

I've been using a 27-inch 4K 144Hz gaming monitor since mid-2019 (when I paid £710 (!!) for a B-Grade unit from Overclockers) and honestly I wouldn't go back to another form factor. The screen size is large enough to be easily visible at a comfortable viewing distance, but not so big that you need a crazy desk setup or a super-powerful monitor arm to keep it in position.

Meanwhile, 4K resolutions are significantly easier to hit in games thanks to the proliferation of image reconstruction and frame genration techniques on modern graphics cards, while the 144Hz refresh rate and quick pixel response times allow you to play esports titles without disadvantage against others on high refresh rate displays.

Overall then, this is an awesome monitor for the money and well worth considering!

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