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Project Slayers codes for December 2023

Redeem these codes for free spins!

Artwork for the popular Roblox game Project Slayers showing a Demon Slayer-inspired character holding a sword.
Image credit: Project Slayers

Looking for the latest Project Slayers codes to net yourself some free spins and resets? If there's a breakout genre on Roblox right now, it's definitely fighting games based on the anime Demon Slayer. Seriously, there are so many, and they all seem to be hugely popular — just like Project Slayers!

When looking to get the edge on the opposition in any anime fighting game on Roblox, codes for free spins and resets can be the key to success. Therefore, read on for a list of all the active codes you can redeem in Project Slayers right now, along with redemption instructions and a list of expired codes for ease of reference.

Project Slayers codes list

Currently, there are no working codes for Project Slayers. The most recent batch of Project Slayers codes were released during update 1.5, to commemorate the Roblox game hitting one million favourites, including the 1millfavs code, but those codes have now expired. We'll update this page as soon as new Project Slayers codes are released.

Last checked on: 18th December, 2023

How to redeem codes in Project Slayers

Redeeming codes in Project Slayers is quite simple; you just need to follow a few easy steps. Load into the Project Slayers experience on Roblox and then hit the "M" key to bring up the menu. From here, hit the book icon and enter your code into the textbox that appears. Click "Submit Code" to redeem your freebies!

List of expired Project Slayers codes

  • 1millfavs
  • 1millfavsbreathreset
  • 1millfavsracereset
  • ThxFor650KVotes
  • ThxFor400MVisits
  • Update309ArtSpins
  • Update309RaceReset
  • Update309BreathingReset
  • ThanksForLikes600K
  • ThanksForLikes600K2
  • ThanksFor350MVisits
  • ThanksFor350MVisits2n
  • Upd295MiniCode
  • Thx4300MNOuwohanaIsBack
  • Thx4300MNOuwohanaIsBackBreathReset
  • Thx4300MNOuwohanaIsBackRaceReset
  • NewAntiExploit
  • Miniupdate1.5
  • SorryForIssuesToday
  • !ThanksFor250MVisits
  • !500kLikeCode!
  • Update1.5Spins
  • Update1.5BreathReset
  • Update1.5RaceReset
  • SorryForDataIssues
  • Ic38dA!
  • H@pPY3AsTeR
  • 3AsTeRRaceReset
  • EastaBreathingR3S3T
  • New500kLikesCode!
  • ThanksFor200milVisitsRaceReset!
  • ThanksFor200MilVisitsBreathingReset
  • Roblox@ItAgain
  • Roblox@ItAgainRaceReset
  • Roblox@ItAgainBreathingReset
  • ThanksFor500kVotes
  • ThanksFor200milVisitsRace
  • ProjectShutdown
  • ProjectShutdownRace
  • ProjectShutdownBreathing
  • 450Kupv
  • 450KupvRaceReset
  • 450KupvBreathingReset
  • HappyNewYears!
  • HappyUpdateYears!
  • 2023BreathingReset
  • MerryChristmas2022
  • MerryChristmas2022RaceReset
  • MerryChristmas2022BreathingReset
  • Upd@te1B1gCodE
  • AkazagoBRR
  • MistBreathing!OMG!
  • Sh0wC4s3beast
  • 400Klikess
  • 400Klikesracereset
  • 400Klikesbreathingreset
  • MiniUpdate3
  • Miniupdate3BreathingReset
  • MiniUpdate3RaceReset
  • 100K+LikesIGLOL
  • 1o0MillVisits-_-
  • 1o0MillVisits-_-BreathingReset
  • 1o0MillVisits-_-RaceReset
  • 200K+UpvotesTSYM
  • 300kLikes!
  • 350KUpvotes!
  • 350KUpvotes!Breathing
  • AnotherDayAnotherShutdown
  • FlAm3!Shawcas31
  • FinallyReleaseTime!
  • GettingThere!
  • LastCode?LOL
  • MiniUpd2
  • MiniUpd2BreathReset
  • MiniUpd2RaceReset
  • MiniUpdate
  • MiniUpdateDaily
  • sCyth3Showcase!
  • Shutdown!
  • ShutdownNumb2
  • SorryForAnotherShutdownLOL
  • SorryForShutdowns!
  • SoryAgainGuys:V
  • TwittaSpins
  • WereBackup

There's plenty more Demon Slayers-inspired games on Roblox to satisfy your appetite for anime monster fighting, so be sure to check out our codes pages on Demon Slayer RPG 2, Slayers Unleashed, and Demon Soul Simulator to get free goodies for those too! Or, if you want some avatar cosmetics to wear across the platform, check out our list of Roblox promo codes.

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