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Lenovo's gloriously wide 45-inch gaming monitor makes a mega Christmas gift (to yourself) at £699

This 5120x1440 165Hz display sports some unique features too.

LENOVO Legion R45w-30 with christmas overlay
Image credit: Lenovo/Kalamstudio

Want a titanic 45-inch gaming monitor? Of course you do - and this 5120x1440 super-ultrawide model is down to £699 at Currys in the UK following a rare £100 price drop. That's a great price for a 165Hz gaming monitor with DisplayHDR 400 certification, HDMI 2.1 support and even a KVM switch.

Lenovo has been making some great monitors recently, and this 45-inch super-ultrawide option operates on similar principles as the 49-inch Samsung Odyssey G9 but on a smaller scale and with a much more affordable price point.

The curved VA panel used provides tons of contrast and reasonable pixel response times, with a 1ms MPRT rating that's just a bit behind the 1ms GtG rating you tend to see on high-end IPS gaming screens. The curve also helps to ameliorate the viewing angle disadvantages of this screen type, with the 45-inch span putting you in the centre of an incredibly immersive space.

As well as being a strong performer at quite a reasonable price for its size, the Legion R45w-30 also has some unique featuers we alluded to in the intro. There's a rare HDMI 2.1 port that allows a PS5 or Series X console to be connected and operate up to 1440p 120Hz with HDR and VRR, while a KVM switch, side-by-side picture mode and multiple video inputs allow for use of multiple devices simultaneously, with the monitor and any peripherals plugged into its USB ports swapping from machine to machine without needing to be unplugged and replugged.

Overall, this monitor costs about the same as two great 1440p monitors - but it also delivers an experience that is better than two great 1440p monitors with some unique added features on top. I'm convinced, but what about you? Let me know below!

Christmas border image credit: Kalamstudio via pngtree

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