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Ebuyer UK's 'ideal PS5 upgrade kit' is also a cracking deal for PC gamers

Get a DualSense controller and 2TB NVMe SSD with heatsink for £140 after a £40 discount.

crucial t500 ssd + ps5 controller shown together
Image credit: Ebuyer/Crucial/Sony

In the market for a new SSD and a new controller? Good news, Ebuyer has got you covered with deal that bundles the excellent Sony DualSense PS5 controller with a fast Crucial T500 2TB SSD, complete with heatsink. Bought separately, these would run you £180, but together you can pick them up for just £140.

This deal is marketed as the 'ideal PS5 upgrade kit', but it's actually just as relevant for PC users looking to pick up one of the best gamepads (alongside the Xbox Elite controller also discounted today) and get more game storage at the same time.

You're probably already familiar with Sony's DualSense controller, so I'll keep it brief. This model is a surprisingly popular choice for PC gaming, thanks to its support via Steam and apps like DualSenseX, as well as its other great qualities: comfort, build quality, layout and a rechargeable internal battery, to name a few.

I tend to use Microsoft's pad on PC, as I have a fair few lying around and it's nice to have all of the button prompts line up, but I did spend quite a few weeks playing F1 23 with the DualSense before I upgraded to a racing wheel and pedals as Sony's controller seemed to have better rumble than its rivals.

The Crucial T500 is another top-tier choice in its own category, boasting impressive sequential read/write speeds of 7400MB/s and 7000MB/s, surpassing Crucial's older P5 Plus. Its random speeds, a better indicator of real-world load time performance, are also higher than its predecessor. It's rated for 1.18M IOPS reads and 1.44M IOPS writes, which are amongst the very fastest we've seen for any PCIe 4.0 controller - even rivalling Samsung's excellent 990 Pro and WD's SN850x.

Overall, these two are a strong upgrade together, and to get them at a discount is quite nice. Do consider it, whether you're planning to use them with a PC or PS5 or both, and I'll see you next week with more deals as we get closer and closer to the Christmas holidays.

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